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WELCOME to the archive website of RSA Wales and Western Region, which was one of the eleven regions of the London based Royal Society of Arts which was founded in 1754. Originally defined by county boundaries, the Region was defined by appropriate postcode areas, as close as possible to the original boundaries; this simplified administration and was also for voting purposes.

The region was disbanded at the end of 2009 and two separate regions, RSA Wales Cymru and RSA West were established in its place. Further details can be found on the RSA website.

All Fellows are of course entitled to attend functions in any region and will always be welcomed.

With 1700 Fellows and one of the liveliest programmes outside of John Adam Street, all our activities adhered to the spirit of William Shipley's original mission, updated to reflect 21st Century issues:

  • advancing global citizenship
  • towards a zero waste society
  • encouraging enterprise
  • developing a capable population
  • fostering resilient communities

Wales and Western Region Committee worked in close collaboration with the former RSA regional centre at Bristol and often held joint events with them.

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